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Northboork will be hosting a week summer camp for their young Judoka's with a grading on the last day of the summer camp.

We will also be carrying out a small first aid course for any of our young Judoka's during the summer course.


Date: 22nd August - 26th August

Time: 10am - 3pm

Venue: Carey Scutt Scout Hall

Plaistow Lane


Kent BR1 3AR

Event Fee: £50 whole week

£15 per day if not doing the whole week

£10 per AM/PM if only doing an am or pm session

AM Session 10am - 12pm

PM Session 1pm - 3pm


Grading not included in the mat fee and will be held on the Friday the last day of the summer camp.

£16 Grading payable on the day.


PLEASE NOTE: You will not be eligibale to grade unless you have completed at least 3 days/sessions of the summer camp prior to the grading. (Friday sessions will count towards the grading criteria.


Sign up forms will be available soon if interested please speak to Jo or Manda.

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