Northbrook Kyu Shin Kai Judo club was started some 20 years ago and has grown from strength to strength ever since.

We are affiliated to the British Judo Association (BJA ) and were awarded BJA club of the year 2011 and 2013. We have also received The Sport England “Club Mark” for each of our club venues.

We try very hard to provide the right balance for our students taking a structured approach to our teaching methodology. In this way we involve students in all aspects of judo depending on their preference and abilities.

In order that individuals can train in an appropriate environment in we hold different classes on different evenings. For example, we have and continue to increase our offer to include: A competition squad training evening (Monday), a young persons coaching programme, a young persons referee and officiating programme *Two of our coaches are qualified to deliver the TOCS programme (Table Officials for Colleges and Schools), and at least one senior only evening (Wednesday and Friday).

In addition to the above we try to hold an annual tournament open to all BJA clubs and associated organisations. We also hold regular mini inter schools and club competitions for mini mon competitors from the 14 schools we teach in and our 4 different venues.

Our club is one big family and is aimed at the local community and we believe there are a number of benefits for both young and older people to get people involved:

• Judo provides opportunities for young people to attend an established, professionally run club, run by qualified and dedicated coaches and volunteers and attended by students from different schools, different social backgrounds and different ethnic origin.

• Because Judo is a contact sport it is an excellent way of integrating people from different areas of society and installing respect and discipline.

• There is an ever increasing need for people to exercise and Judo is acknowledged as one of the best sports for obtaining and sustaining physical fitness in a fun way.

• Judo teaches and practices one to one physical sport in a controlled and managed way with a focus on fair play and respect.

• Judo is a sport where people can practice as individuals as opposed to being in a team where only the best players are included.

• Judo has a structured grading system which provides the students with targets to aim for which is good for their development and personal to them.

• Judo gives provides the opportunity to be the best you can in a safe environment.

We are very strict in our teaching of etiquette, courtesy, respect for yourself and for others and general good behaviour.

Our club is predominately a young persons development club (although we do differentiate sessions to accommodate all abilities levels), which means that through our Junior Coaches development scheme occasional sessions are taught by junior coaches under the guidance and supervision of a qualified and insured (minimum) UKCC level 2 or equivalent coach and with prior notification to parents and students alike. These sessions are only conducted under the strictest health and safety guidance.

We look forward to seeing you soon!