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About Northbrook Judo

We have been opertating for more than 30 years

The Northbrook Kyu Shin Kai Judo club has been thriving for over three decades and continues to grow stronger every year. As proud members of the British Judo Association (BJA), we are committed to providing a well-balanced and structured approach to our teaching methodology. Our aim is to engage our students in all aspects of judo, tailoring our classes to their preferences and abilities.

To ensure that individuals can train in a suitable environment, we offer different classes on various evenings, catering to different age groups and skill levels. In addition to these regular sessions, we also organise regular fun events (such as Easter and Halloween courses) focusing on social interaction as well as frequent club competitions, providing younger students with the opportunity to experience and practice the thrill of participating in a safe and friendly competitive event.

At our club, we take pride in being one big family and actively involve the local community as well as other judo clubs that we have friendly cooperation with. We believe that there are numerous benefits for both young and older individuals to participate in judo:

Judo offers young people the chance to join a well-established club, led by dedicated coaches and volunteers, where they can interact with students from diverse social backgrounds.

As a contact sport, judo promotes integration among individuals from different social spheres, while instilling values of respect and discipline.

With the growing importance of physical fitness, judo provides an enjoyable way to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle, which in turn contributes to mental well-being.

Judo emphasises fair play, respect, and individual performance in a controlled environment.

Unlike team sports where only the best players receive attention, judo allows individuals to practice and excel on their own, fostering personal growth.

Judo follows a structured grading system, giving students clear targets to strive for and aiding in their personal development.

Judo presents the opportunity to reach one's full potential in a safe setting and, with the right guidance, even progress to the Olympic level.

Etiquette, courtesy, self-respect, and respect for others are paramount in our teachings. We expect our members to uphold these values and exhibit good behavior at all times.

While our club primarily focuses on the development of young individuals, we also accommodate students of all ability levels. Through our Junior Coaches development scheme, occasional sessions are led by junior coaches under the guidance and supervision of qualified and insured coaches. These sessions strictly adhere to health and safety guidelines.

Join the Northbrook Kyu Shin Kai Judo club and discover the transformative power of judo in a supportive and inclusive community.

Club Information

Northbrook Kyu Shin Kai Judo club was started more than 30 years ago and has grown from strength to strength over the years

We are affiliated to the British Judo Association (BJA). We aim to provide the right balance for our students taking a structured approach to our teaching methodology. In this way we involve students in all aspects of judo depending on their preference and abilities.

In order that individuals can train in an appropriate environment in we hold different classes on different evenings which suit different ages and abilities, in addition to the different sessions we try to hold frequent club competitions open for younger students to experience and practice what it’s like to take part in a competitive event in a safe and friendly atmosphere.

Our people

The Northbrook Kyu Shin Kai Judo Club is managed by a committed group of volunteers who dedicate their time to the growth and enhancement of a club that diligently serves and uplifts their community.


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