Current Champions

Kodokan 2022



22nd July 2023

Last night of Judo until we return back in September lots of points added with the grading this month House Kodokan holds on to first place for the summer holidays with House Budokwai in second place.


Current Standings

Kodokan – 1520

Budokwai – 1152

Abbe -1037

Kano – 861




The top 3 Judoka’s as of week 22nd July.

House Kodokan              House Abbe              House Budokwai             House Kano

1st Ben                          1st Dasiy                    1st Joshua                      1st Juan

2nd L’Renzo                   2nd Lev                      2nd Harry                      2nd Patrick

3rd Aoife                        3rd Achille                  3rd Alex                         3rd Aurora


The year has just begun so lets work hard and see which house will prevail.




See you all back in Septemeber